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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

got stuck and very hard from the spinning

  • @Ahhorny omg 4 hours? if i was stuck that long my cock would start feeling so sore heh. but guess thats because of all the grinding and ramming i do. and i'm surprised no one came to help you. thats actually something that turns me on a lot too. when people are there and seing me in trouble but not coming to help. just being mean and watching in mischievousness

  • Its been raining all day and i had to go to work, theres this truck piled up some mud on the road and ended up being stuck badly, My cock got hard any i cum twice, too much vibration on my dick. I called for help but theyre just standing there and seeing me struggling.

  • @Kevin i wish we could get stuck together.

  • @Ahhorny wow you are so lucky you were able to get to experience this! for me it was only one time in winter when i tried to get my dirtbike out of my parkingspot but the snowclearance pushed lot of snow to the side making it a lot deeper and when i tried to drive, the backwheel was spinning all helplessy. and there where some workmen nearby who where waiting and looked to me as they heard all the revving. when i saw they are not even thinking about helping me it turned me on a lot more. wish i was stuck for longer time but after a few minutes of rocking the dirtbike back and forth hard i made it out.

    and yes! damn it would be so hot getting stuck together side by side. but you are from the philipines right? might be a long flight

  • @Kevin I wish. It would be fun seeing you stuck and getting hard together.

    I could take a flight, no matter how long it is.

  • @Ahhorny wow you would really travel around the world just to get stuck over here? i didn't expect that but would love having you here for some muddy adventure heh

  • @Kevin I found this and immediately thought of you. 🙂

    Фраерский Днепр – 01:41
    — Tsveto Muzyka

  • @tcf17013 damn this is so hot! would love to have a mud spot that big over here. i'm also surprised how well this motorbike goes through the mud

  • Kevi
    You are such a hot spinner

  • @spinem4u heh thank you. will we also get to see some spinning from you sometime? 😉

  • @tcf17013
    That’s one fantastic video, WOW! That is so cool watching your horny buddy get stuck and you pushing him out setting all muddy so, so sexy!

  • @Kevin
    If I saw you stuck like that I grab your stuck hard cock with one hand and try to push with the other! I say things like “Come on spin it out of the mud buddy.” All the while I’d stroke and squeeze your hard cock saying “Keep trying, keep trying!” And when you were close to cumming I say something like “It’s no use, your stuck, stuck in the mud! You aren’t gonna spin your way out of this, it’s no use your just STUCK in the MUD!!” Then your milky white cum would start squirting out right through your Boxer Briefs all over your gas tank and I’d milk every drop out of you leaving you stuck in the mud, completely drained, and very sticky!

  • Very hot!!

  • @truckstuckdave damn that would be so hot! and to show you that i really appreciate yor help i would try even harder rocking the bike forth and back which will also cause me ramming violently in your hand and very soon leaking lot of pre while the backwheel keeps spinning without any chance of moving on. it won't take much longer until you feel me throbbing so hard and see i'm not able to hold it back. with a real deep moan you will notice a very hot wet sticky mess being smudged all over your hand as my hard cock keeps humping in and out of your tight grip

  • @spintire thanks sexy!!

  • @Kevin
    I would of enjoyed that very much! But your bike is still stuck in the mud and I’m as hard as a rock. Maybe I should strip down to my tightie whities and if it would be all right with you I could try to ride your bike out of the mud!

  • @truckstuckdave this would be more than fine to me! especially since i don't often get to see guys trying to unstuck a bike in real heh. but don't expect me to come help you instantly. i'm surely gonna watch for a few minutes to see if you can make it out alone, or if the backwheel will keep digging deeper as you spinn it harder.

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