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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Oopsie stuck

  • Hi all! This happened to me last year. I am not so fond of getting stuck myself mainly because I only have my daily driver car and not so much funds to take care if anything happens with it, but from time to time karma throws me a lemonade.

    There was a pretty nasty heat wave in our country, everybody was searching for ways to refresh themselves. I don't particularly like large crowds so going to the spas is rare for me, but there is a smaller river not so far away which I like to go to. Usually I go there with a bicycle but it was so hot that day, so I decided to take my car, it is a Peugeot 307. There is a sandy beach on the shore of the lake, but I decided to not go there, with some friends we found a small and secluded place where there is a lot of shade from the large trees, so I went there. A dirt road leads you there and you have to go down an incline to get there, but nothing dangerous, so I drove there and parked near the shore.

    Well in my afternoon, a rain shower came. It was nice to have a bit of refreshing, and the rain was unusually warm, so I did not hurry back. It came and went in about 10 minutes, and cooled down the air a bit. I took another swim, then decided to head home.

    Everything went well, until I got to that incline 🙂 I got halfway up when my wheels began spinning. It was an incredible feeling, not anticipating any troubles. I pressed down the gas, to be greeted with my car struggling even more, not moving an inch forward. Boy it was so exciting. I rolled back down, and saw some slight tire marks only, the dirt road was not soft only slippery. Started again going up but this time slower, and did not get about a meter up when began slipping again 🙂
    I will spare you with the dirty details but it was an awesome 10 minutes, going back down, then again up to a height, then back down again.

    Finally I got back up the incline only by going backwards a couple meters and going up with some momentum, but it was only successful on the third try.

    I am glad nobody was around, but thought I will share this with you, maybe you find it interesting too. 😉

  • (I hope no one minds that I am replacing this trip down memory lane with a somewhat edited version, I hope improved):

    My room as a college freshman was on the third floor, just above the rear entrance of the dorm. With the onset of the upper-midwestern winter, I realized how lucky this was, an ideal place to be alerted to an occasional stuck. When a student ordered pizza, the delivery van would usually back up to within a few feet of this entrance. During or after a snowfall, I was almost guaranteed a study break announced by a telltale vroom-vroom-vroom whiz-whiz-whiz from the window. You see, the parking lot had a slight incline in front of the door. It was barely noticeable. But with ice or fresh snow on the ground, trying to drive away was likely to prove eventful.

    Yet one had to wonder why this happened so often. Did that many delivery boys still need to learn the hard way not to drive up so close to the door? Or did at least one boy kinda not mind a chance to get stuck and enjoy spinning his wheels a little while? Consider: First, they weren't actually his wheels. Second was plausible deniability: he was just trying to do his job, delivering pizzas. Who'da thought anyone would ever have trouble there? Last but not least: if in the end he needed help, dozens of college men were just inside. What more would a randy kid want? Such questions intrigued me, antennae out for any scrap of evidence that someone else in the world might be crazy enough to be turned on by stuck cars.

    Naturally I'd immediately race down the stairs hoping to get a closer look. Too often by the time I arrived, it was over. Perhaps someone nearer the door had already pushed him out.

    But one night running out the door, I was astonished to find the delivery boy pushing, while at the wheel sat a classmate. Not just any classmate. Brad. Did you ever know a guy you didn't have a crush on but sometimes wished you did/hoped you would/felt you should? Trouble was, I was still looking for close friends less peculiar than myself, and Brad was a bit too weird even for me. But he was fascinating. I admired him more than I let on.

    Brad came from an incredibly affluent village way out in New Jersey, and therefore from a prep school. He was quietly devout, faithfully attending the Episcopal church like me (when few fellow students ever darkened a church door). His appearance was unforgettable-- almost heartbreakingly slender, with fiery red hair, eyes like sapphires, an unusually deep voice, and often wearing coat and tie when almost everyone else was in "grubs". He stood over six feet tall, and every inch a young gentleman in the sweetest way: never priggish or judgmental about the crudity all around him, yet not about to compromise his own standards. All this is a mere introduction to his eccentricities. If stuckloving was among them, it would be just one in a long list: why not? As you can imagine, Brad was a frequent victim of ridicule and even bullying from his peers. To all appearances he bore up stoically. But he was undoubtedly lonely and feeling out of place. I was one of the few friends he had. The next year he transferred to another school. I've kicked myself ever since for not being a better friend. He might have stayed.

    After Brad finally managed to rock the van up away from the door and onto level pavement and yielded it to its regular occupant, I was dying to ask him what had happened. How had he come to be behind the wheel of a stuck pizza van? Whose idea was it? Had he met this delivery boy before? And was it fun? But alas, I was a coward and let the opportunity pass. Youth is wasted on the young.

    Someone better at fiction writing could make a really good story from this: about a pizza delivery boy who'd get his car stuck behind the college men's dorm whenever he could, so that a certain shy, lonely, but drop-dead-gorgeous freshman would emerge and trade places with him in the driver's seat.

  • Look for Franklin Veaux's comical account about halfway down this page:

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