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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Stuck Chronicle (Part 17 - Bonding)

Stuck stories
  • Joel cranked his truck, but it wouldn’t start.

    “See?” Joel said, “THIS is what I meant by cranky.” He turned the key, cranked his truck, and mumbled “Come on, baby. Come on....”, but it wouldn’t start.

    Lyle looked worried. “So what’s wrong with him?” he asked.

    “He’s ice cold right now”, Joel replied. “I guess the cold seduced him while we were ridin’ earlier...”

    “Wow”, Lyle remarked. “So what’s the plan?”

    Joel perked up. “I’m gonna snap him out of it!” he stated. He slid his boot onto the gas pedal, and began pumping it while cranking. Each time he did it, his truck cranked a faster, then slower...then faster again.

    “Come on, you beast!” Joel shouted at the Ram. “Dont do this to me!”

    He cranked it for the seventh time, and the engine started weakly. Joel revved the engine, trying to keep it from shutting off. “Come on, man, you gotta fight it!” The engine rumbled, then slowly shut off.

    Seeing him slam on the gas pedal with his boot, caress the steering wheel with his gloved hand, and hearing his rough voice trying to sweet-talk his truck to life aroused Lyle little by little; he thought it was a little strange, but also kinda cute in a way...

    Joel was now cranking at #10, shouting “Come on, big guy! FIGHT IT!! Start for daddy, dammit!!” The truck started up against, and immediately Joel held his foot down on the gas. The engine rumbled softly, before reaching a nice, strong roar. He turned to Lyle, and planted his hand on his leg.

    “See, it ain’t enough to just ride your vehicle”, Joel explained, “it’s got its own feelings, too. You gotta show it some love so it responds right. And don’t be afraid to get a little rough with ‘im sometimes 😉”. Just then, the Ram started to die down a little; Joel slammed his boot on the gas, and revved it back to life.

    “Now, for a little rough play...” Joel sighed, as he shifted into drive and hit the gas.

    The snow from the night before turned the driveway completely slick; his tires spun and spun, without getting any traction.

    “Damn!” Joel remarked. “Time to kick it up a notch...”

    Lyle was completely erect from Joel’s rubbing. He tried to remove his hand, but Joel squeezed Lyle’s crotch and thigh, and continued stroking.

    “I thought I told you”, Joel said slyly, “that I was gonna make BOTH of you blow 😏

    Lyle started to moan, as Joel gripped the wheel with his free hand and gave his truck the boot. The ice held his truck’s tires in place, and wouldn’t let go of them. The more Joel revved, and drove, the more white smoke came from the tailpipe, and the louder the ZZZZZZzzzzzzz! became.

    “So I guess I gotta get rough with ya, huh?” Joel growled. He put this truck in 4WD, and began to rev it. At the same time, he unzipped Lyle’s leather jeans and started to massage and stroke his cock.

    “I wonder who’s gonna blow a gasket first!” Joel said with a smirk as he revved the Ram harder.

    “ your truck...might be me” Lyle replied. He was leaking precum, while the truck began to smoke underneath the hood.

    “We’ll see!” Joel winked at Lyle, then put his truck in drive; even in 4WD, his truck wouldn’t budge from the ice that had him boxed in. He pushed the pedal to the floor, and shouted “Come on, baby! You can break outta this!” The sound of the Ram’s engine filled the air, and Lyle started to drift into Cloud 9 as Joel shouted “Come on, come on, COME OOOONNNNN!!”, while tires went ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ!!! on the icy pavement. The truck was engulfed in white smoke, and the smell of truck exhaust and burnt rubber filled the air.

    Joel desperately rocked his truck back and forth, while his right hand made Lyle moan and squirm with excitement.

    Joel backed his truck up as much as he could, before giving it a few hard revs, muttering “This is it!” He put it in drive, and floored the gas pedal; the tires created a nice burnout on the frozen pavement, before the truck finally lurched forward and broke free.

    At that moment, Lyle blew a load into Joel’s hand, and about a minute later, the truck shut off again.

    Joel cranked the truck again, but it wouldn’t start. He just laughed, then turned to Lyle.

    “See? I made you both climax 😏

    “Got that right!” Lyle replied while laughing. “But...what about him?”

    Joel got out and smacked the hood. “Nothin’ a little TLC can’t fix 😉. But in the meantime....”. Joel approached Lyle with a devilish grin. “We’re gonna do some ‘bonding’ of our own 😏“.

    Once the clock struck midnight, the only thing that could be heard was the creaking of leather and bed Joel unleashed all the “demon” he had to offer to Lyle.

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