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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld
  • Share your first stuck experience

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    When i was a teenager i was working on a farm, they had a nice quadbike there. On a day the farmer said to me, go ride the quad and check the fences. But do not go in the wet spot in the corner of the field... But i always loved mud, so secretley after checking the fences i drove to that spot. I stopped and walked in the muddy spot with my rubber farmerboots on. Luckely i saw there was a wire broken, so this was my chance to ride the atv in that muddy area with the toolbox on. First i was taken a picture of the broken wire, and sended that to the farmer. So he knew i needed to be there in the muddy spot. Than i jumped on the forwheeler and drove backwards in the mud. Directly i feld the atv was sinking in to the mud, and o yeah i liked that alot. So i stopped en checking how deep it was. The rearwheels were like 10 cm in the mud. So i humped on again and started to give some gas. Vrooooommmmm the wheels started to spin like crazy. Ohhhh yes i liked that so much!!!. So i kept sitting on the seat and give full trothle the mud splashes on to my back i was coverd in mud. But i loved it. After 20 mins of hard spinning i decided to get of the quad and take care of the broken wire. Than when it was fixed i was calling the farmer to say that i got stuck the bike. The first he sayd. I told you to not go there with the atv. Yes i know sorry for that i said. Okay. I will come to pull you out over a few mins with the tractor. So i was waiting for 5mins. 10mins. 15 mins. And still no farmer. So i decided to hump on the seat and start to spun the wheels again. I was sitting on front of the seat and got a huge boner. Oh wow i thought this is nice than i was humping to the gas tank and sliding over the muddy seat with my crotch. Untill i blowed my load in my pants.... Omg woww i was thinking.... what i just did. It was so nice. And that was when my stuck fetish was born and i love to get stuck on atvs with big soft seats!! After still waiting for 10 more mins finally the farmer came to pull me out. He was laughing at me that i was so muddy and said.. damn you liked that alot ha. Oh yes i said. I wish i could ride more in mud. Than he said, but not with my atv haha.

    In the following days i got mutliple times stuck with his atv, and pulled myself out with the tractor.

    End of story 😃

  • Stuck story from long ago Yahoo group site

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    I remember the first time I knew I liked spinning and stuck action.
    As some of you know, I was raised in a rural part of the UK. There was a gravel works right next door, so was used to hearing heavy earthmoving machinery, but one day was different.
    It was a Saturday afternoon, and was raining hard. I heard a smaller engine revving up, sounding like it was struggling.
    I was very curious as they usual close mid-day,but knew they had contractors in.
    I climbed up the bank for a look. There was a young guy, on a dump truck, deliberately driving into the steep bank the other side. Tyres were digging in but ground was to muddy and steep. Tyres spinning furiously, then backing up and trying a new spot to play in.
    Knew he was enjoying it, as he was rubbing his bulge. I think think he must have shot his load in his pants. I was jerking off out of site also, as got very hard. Was a great day

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    @sirstuck regret to say a number of years later he passed away. He'd been having health issues off and on.
    On the yahoo group pages he called himself Ram as in one post ended with " RAM IS BACK. GETTING STUCK ROCKS."

  • Tire-Turning Terror, Issue 3

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    Aww! His barefeet can't do nothing!

  • Tire-Turning Terror, Issue 4

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    Mmmm My fantasy stuck

  • Seaside Stuck

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    I like it. You did a good job

  • Gurls do have fun!

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    I drove through rural Kentucky and found a few places that some good places to get stuck. So I got a motel room,and picked out a nice outfit…and waited until the next morning!

  • Beginner guy stuck on the side of the road

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    Yup got me

  • What happened this last weekend . . .

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    Tell us about it @jdl-curtis-1945

  • When the wheels start spinning

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    @spinem4u infeed. At once and extreme

  • My cool uncle (Short Story)

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    I can immaging him pumping the pedal in flip flops felling so weak bcs he wears it. I love to immagine him try to kick the wheel in flip flops in distress

  • Gramps

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  • Secret fetish of spinning and getting stuck

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    Take it in turns I got a very sexy old pajero we can sink into the mud

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    You are the absolute master at this! What awesome work! I’ve loved each of your pieces, and please keep posting!.

  • The Shep Years: Epilogue

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    @gabe Thank you so much for your kind words! It was definitely therapeutic to write it all out. I hope it helps someone else along the way, someday. If I can make it through to where I am today, anyone can do it! Again, thank you, and keep in touch!

  • The Shep Years: 4

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    @Xavier-B I appreciate you! Thanks so much for your encouragement. More to follow and I look forward to your next releases, too!

  • #StuckFan (Part 6 - Favor)

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    @Xavier-B what a great work of art! I loved reading every word and look forward to reading your next releases!

  • #StuckFan (Part 5 - Angler)

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  • #StuckFan (Part 4 - Ian and Lyle)

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  • I need to call my ex bf

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    @Jonnyxx well done-a very enjoyable time reading. Thank you!