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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Bone-Dawg on a Beer Run

  • It was a very snowy mid-winter Sunday during one of the hardest winters we have had in many years. I was at my neighbor's house and we had decided to watch hockey and drink beer for the day. We needed some stuff ( BEER!) to make our day complete, so a trip to the store was necessary. My neighbor had enjoyed a few beers already and was in no condition to drive. NOT A PROBLEM! I had been clearing snow around my house and the last vehicle I moved was Bone-Dawg so the keys were still in my coat pocket. OH, YEAH! THIS WAS GOING TO BE FUN!!!

    I got in the truck, started 'er up and cleared another inch or two of snow off the windshield that had accumulated in the short time since I moved it. No traffic in the neighborhood and a couple hours since the snowplow had come through. Hope Bone-Dawg can move. (Well, Not Really!) Seat belt on, heater full blast, put 'er in gear, let out the clutch and... Zzzzrrrz… Zzzzzzzrrrrrrrrz… Bone-Dawg wanted to stay put! Come on fucker! Forward... ZZZZrrrrrrzzzz… Backward... ZZZZZrrrrrrrrzzzz!!! Ah, Shit! Son-of-a-Bitch! We need BEER and I'm STUCK!!! And... My cock is getting nice and hard! Bone-Dawg escaped the slick, snowy trap after a couple minutes of spinnin', rockin' and a little tire smoke. YES! On my way. Boned-up and seeing several cars and trucks STUCK on the way to the store ensured my dick would stay HARD.

    Traffic was very light as this storm was intense. Bone-Dawg, (My 2wd, lifted, off-road pre-runner truck with wide all-terrain tires), was slippin', slidin' and spinnin' the 2 or so miles to the store. FUN!!! STIFF COCK!!! The parking lot in front of the store was a no-go with a few STUCK cars blocking the driveway. AWESOME! Bone-Dawg would have to park on the side street where plowing had yet to be done. I pulled 'er into the spot and felt the all-too-familiar feeling of the front tires pushing deep, heavy snow. I was stoked as the truck bucked a bit as the rear tires lost traction. Damn! I was going into the store with a hard, throbbing dick! No chance of my BULGE going down knowing the tire-spinning fun that awaits when I return.

    Beer... Check! Snacks... Check! Pizza... Check! STUCK... CHECK!!! Just as I hoped! Bone-Dawg was STUCK AS HELL!!! Forward... ZZZZzzzrr… Back... ZZZZZZrrr!!! I'm FUCKED!!! Truck wouldn't move! Finally got enough traction using 3rd gear to get 'er rocking. Working the clutch and the gearshift, feeling Bone-Dawg buck and vibrate as I spun the tires and rocked 'er back and forth, the sound of my tires whining and growling for traction and the smell of tire smoke made my cock HARD! Every time I would adjust my crotch, another spit of pre cum would wet my shorts. Come on, Bone-Dawg! I need a beer already! Fuckin' Move! Opening the door and watching the rear tire spin made my raging hard on throb and my balls get firm and sweaty - ready to deliver a load of hot cum. I was able to get out of my AWESOME STUCK predicament after a few minutes of hard spinning and rocking. Bone-Dawg delivered again. My bone hard dick delivered a good hot load of jizz in my jeans, too! Time for a BEER!!!

  • @HardStuck Great story! We can almost see it. What color is Bone-Dawg? Are wide tires designed for better traction or better handling? They don't seem to do anything for traction in some situations (which is probably just as well, right?) But in some situations, they definitely improve handling (if you know what I mean 😉 ).

    When my old car needs replacing, you guys have me seriously considering trying to find a pickup like Bone-Dawg!

  • @HardStuck off fuck....i planned to have a little fasting period for my cock. not cumming for a few days to go on a muddy dirtbike ride soon all pent up and horny. but thanks to your story i gonna fapp now. there are not many stories, pictures or videos that made me give in that quick 🍆💦

  • @Kevin Glad to give you a little 'break' from your fast... Fasting can be rough on a man! I'll give you time to get real hot and horny for your next mud ride, THEN I'll post my "Bone-Dawg and Dirt Bike" story...

  • @Florian Thanks, Man! Glad you enjoyed my story. Bone-Dawg was a fun truck. I only owned the truck for about a year and then gave it to a boy that I watched grow up out of a bad situation into an honorable young man. Bone-Dawg is a 2006 Chevy Colorado 2WD work truck with a 5-speed manual tranny that the first owner built into a Desert PreRunner. It had a race-ready FOX off-road suspension with 4" lift, 32" all-terrains on 15x8 Mongoose rims, tuned exhaust and air intake (NOPE! It DIDN'T sound like a souped-up riding lawn mower!) and prerunner tube style front and rear bumpers. Color was Silver Birch Metallic; just a fancy name for Sand Grey! Oh, yeah... And it was a peg-leg! (Open rear differential) BONE-DAWG LOVED TO GET STUCK!!! The wide tires are great for sand, loose dirt and bombing through the desert. Not so much in snow, ice or slick, greasy mud. Guess where I had the most FUN in BONE-DAWG!?!?!

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