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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Mud Stuck - John Part 3

  • John and I walked out of the house back to the barn and got in his car. John slid into the driver’s seat and shut the door. He then turned the key and brought the car to life, then put it in reverse and backed out of the barn. Then, revving the engine a few times, he put it in drive, stomped his cowboy boot down on the gas, and spun his tires all the way down the gravel driveway.

    As we reached the bottom of the driveway and turned onto the slick, muddy road, John floored it again and flung the car into a sick powerslide. As he held his boot on the gas, he threw the steering wheel back and forth, slinging the rear of the car back and forth in the slick mud of the road. I looked back and checked out the long, S-shaped patches John was laying in the mud, and felt my dick lurch in my jeans.

    “Damn,” I thought, “this is gonna be a hell of an afternoon.”

    As we drove down the muddy country road, I knew by the direction we were going that John was headed to an old abandoned factory a few miles out of town. The parking lot of the old factory was nothing but dirt, and was a favorite spot of John’s to spin his tires. He liked to get out there, and from a dead stop, he would throw the car into reverse, pound the gas and spin his tires, then slam on his brakes, skidding to a stop. Then he would throw it in drive, floor it again, and take off in a tire-spinning cloud of dust. He called it his “Rockford” move, from the old tv show, and he was damn good at doing it.

    I knew that that dirt parking lot was going to be all kinds of mud after all this rain, and it was going to be hot as hell watching John spinning his tires in it. I reached down and adjusted my hardening dick in my jeans.

    As we turned into the old factory’s lot, John grinned and said, “Shit, look at all that mud.” He slammed his boot on the brake and skidded to a stop. He opened the door and got out of the car. I saw his boots sink in the thick, gloppy mud, and as he turned, I also saw that his dick was sticking straight up in his jeans. He was hard as a rock.

    Getting back into the car and sliding back in behind the wheel, he said, “This is gonna be fun.” He looked over at me, checked out my bulging crotch, and shot me that sexy-ass crooked grin of his. Then he reached over, grabbed my bulge, and said, “What’s this all about, man? You wanna see me spin my tires and get stuck?”

    I reached over and grabbed his hard dick and said, “Dude, you’ve got a pretty good hardon yourself. Show me what this car can do.”

    John laughed and said, “Check this out.” With his boot still caked in mud, he stomped it down hard on the gas and spun the hell out of his tires. The thick, gooey mud from the parking lot flung up into the wheel wells, making a horny splat sound as the car slid around like it was on grease. John spun the car around a few times and did a few donuts. Then, as the car came out of one of the donuts, it suddenly slid sideways and ended up with the ass-end coming to a stop in the remnants of an old drainage field.

    “Uh oh,” said John. He slowly pressed his muddy boot down on the gas, and the tires lost traction and sank into the gooey slop of the drainage field.

    “Shit,” he said, and hit the gas a little harder. The tires just spun.

    “Floor it, dude,” I said. I wanted to see this boy spin the hell out of his tires.

    John stomped the gas down, and the tires spun relentlessly. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz – ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    “Fuck,” said John. He rolled the window down, looked back, and watched his tire spinning in the mud. “We’re definitely stuck now.” As he pounded his boot on the gas and sat there spinning his tires, I reached over and grabbed his crotch. I could feel his hard dick throbbing in his jeans as he spun his tires in that mud.

    He looked over at me, grinned, and thrust his bulge up into the palm of my hand, spinning his tires backward, then forward, then backward, trying to rock the car free from the mud.

    I looked back and saw the mud flinging from the tires as John held his boot on the gas, and said, “I’m gonna get out and see if I can push.”

    Grinning, John said, “You just want to get a closer look at my tires spinning in the mud!”

    Sometimes he was too damn smart for his own good, but yep, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I clenched my fist around his dick as it throbbed in his jeans, grinned, and said “Keep that dick good and ready right there, dude!”

    I opened the passenger door and got out of the car. My boots sank deep into the gooey mud, and I steadied myself against the car. I shut the door and walked back to the back of the car. Yeah, we were definitely stuck. The tires were caked in mud, and the treads were completely glazed over. John had spun a couple of huge holes into the boggy drainage field.

    I positioned myself on the left rear corner of the car where I had a clear view of John’s eyes in the rearview and sideview mirrors, and of his tire.

    “Ready?” he yelled out the window.

    “Yep,” I said. “Go for it, man.”

    John threw the car into drive and floored the gas. His tires started spinning in the muddy hole, flinging mud back onto my boots and jeans. I pushed forward, pressing my hardon onto the back of the car and feeling the vibrations in my dick.

    “Spin those tires, man!” I yelled, as John pounded his boot down on the gas. I could see his eyes in the mirror, watching me as I ground my dick up against the back of his car. He spun his tires even harder – ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    I could feel John’s testosterone flowing from his boot down onto the gas, to his spinning tires, and through the vibrating car. My dick throbbed as John spun his tires in the mud, and I felt precum oozing into my jeans.

    Part 4?

  • Fuckin ace man-precum here too bud.

  • Very good and solid story. Had a raging boner before I got to the end!

  • @easygoingguy Glad to hear that, man!

  • @Thommo Very cool, dude!

  • Now that's what I call a great evening with your best boyfriend. I love it.🤩

  • Your story makes me totally hard and wet

  • damn that was so hot! got me really naughty and probably will get stuck in the forest as well tonight heh

  • Nice! Glad you liked it, Kevin! 🙂

  • Hot, with sweet sugar mixed. Love it.🥰

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