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My farmer boy!

  • So this isn't the story of my first time. This is what I consider to be one of my favourite nights in a car!

    It's November 2016, I had just moved home after getting out of a very bad relationship. I was feeling really crappy about myself and just wanted to feel something so I was meeting guys left right and centre.

    One night I start talking to a guy a few years older than me, who worked on one of the local farms, he wasn't out yet so wanted to keep everything discreet until he was ready. That was fine for me as I wasn't really wanting anyone to know what I was doing.

    We get onto the topic of fetishes and things as he really wanted to get dirty with me. I told him a few of mine but held back on anything car related as I'm never sure how to bring it up with someone. He told me he liked driving to somewhere nice and hidden so they can make a lot of noise. (this would probably be a red flag for some people because God knows it sounds kind of serial killerish)

    We met up a couple nights later and we started driving through the country roads. We took a turn down a narrow and dark country lane and drove for a good few minutes.

    He then turns straight into the next field which was muddy.( Most fields are in Scotland because our weather is crap). I could see his face realising it was probably not a good idea, of course I'm sitting there very quickly getting erect at the idea of being stuck with him. And then of course the inevitable happens. The wheels go from under us. His face drops.

    He floors the pedal of the car to get us moving but nothing. He begs the car to keep going. "Come on babe, don't do this to me. Not now!" "Please your embatessing me" "He is going to think I'm a loser".
    And he keeps trying and trying but the cars just rocking in the mud and the back tires just get deeper and deeper.
    By this point I'm solid, thinking I must be the luckiest guy in the world. But then it gets even better.

    He tells me to sit on his lap to try and help him. And the second I get on his lap I can feel something digging into me. So he starts flooring the pedals again trying to get us to move. Forward. Reverse. Forward . Reverse. Nothing. We are stuck.

    He tells me that he is now worked up and frustrated and really needs to vent. So I slide down my joggies and show him I'm in just a jock strap. So I tell him to go to town on me. I'm high on pure excitement and adrenaline from watching him get stuck so I was ready and willing.

    We have some of the best sex I have ever had in my life. And then we both just collapse back into our chairs to catch our breath.

    He apologises for getting stuck and I decide to call him out. He knew he would get stuck in the field. He was driving a 2008 VW Golf. He knew there was no way it could get through that field. He went red. He told me that he never knew how people would react to his fetish so tests it out with people. Normally people lose interest in the sex and leave. But I was the first who got into it.

    It turns out the field is right next to his family's farm so we decide to walk back. The mud ruined the shoes I was wear the second I stepped out the car. It just made it all more exciting for me.

    We get back to the house and shower together and plan our next meeting. Our fun continues for a good couple years. Until he decided to move for university.

    I miss my farmer boy but I still have all the memories. And the exciting times when he comes back to visit his family at the farm.

    Thanks for reading my tales. I'm not the best at writing so I apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors. I just wanted to share my favourite experience with you guys. Never really had a place to share these stories so I hope you enjoy it.

  • Very intersting story, I am sure you had a lot of great moments together, I am really happy for you!

  • @CeeBoy13 Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! What an amazing experience. We would love to hear more stories about you and your farmer boy!

  • Very hot story!

  • You are very, very LUCKY!!

  • @truckstuckdave he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time but it was still such a hot night. We had a few more experiences we had together but the first was always my favourite

  • Great story. Loved it. I think it was hot. Wish I could have been part of it. Sweet.

  • @sandyricks would love you to have been a part of it!

  • @CeeBoy13 said in My farmer boy!:

    @sandyricks would love you to have been a part of it!

    Thank you. I know you are along way from where I live,however if you ever get to the states, I would love to have you meet sometime.
    I hope you have a wounderful week.

  • @sandyricks I will look you up if I ever cross the pond!
    Hope you have a great week too!

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