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I find this storie online and is so hot

  • Executive Has Fall in Mud
    Written by: suitlvr
    story published at:
    I am a 40 year old road construction guy and was working on a project outside New York city one day near a free-way off-ramp. We were behind as it had rained hard the last couple of days and we had been off of work due to the weather. It was hot and sunny, but a little muggy. I had worked up a sweat just from standing there with the sign directing traffic. I was working a sign that pointed for cars to turn into the other lane due to the fact that we had one lane closed down and was resurfacing.
    Although it was a beautiful day, unfortunately the traffic was really bad, and backed up. You could tell that people were annoyed. Traffic is always bad on the loop, but this was a particularly busy day. Around noon a guy in a dark silver Mercedes S class sedan pulls up. He is probably in his late 20's or maybe early 30s with perfect blonde hair that was cut rather short and had a little gel in it. He had beautiful, piercing blue eyes, and had a very nice tan. He could have been a model. He was a stunningly handsome young "executive" man and had on a very expensive dark charcoal suit, with a light pinstripe to it, and looked to have a silk sheen to it. He also had on a pink tie with a pink pocket square, and was wearing gold cuff links, and a Rolex watch. You could also tell that he had a great body and worked out a lot, and filled out the fine tailored suit very nicely. He also had a very arrogant persona about him. I'm bisexual, and I found him to be an extremely attractive man, actually one of the best looking men that I had ever seen, and was somewhat turned on by him.
    Anyway, he pulled up to me and you could tell that he was pissed. He asked me "what in the hell is taking so long? I have a meeting to get to, and I don't have time to wait." I explained to him that we had been shut down for a couple of days because of the weather and that we had to cut off more of the road to catch up. As I was talking, he cut me off, and said "look, I really don't give a shit why you were not able to work on the road for a couple of days. That doesn't help any of us out that are sitting here waiting in this long fucking line of cars." "This is bullshit and you fucks are incompetent. Typical government workers. Take your sweet fucking time." I apologized and told him that he would have to pull over a lane and wait for the traffic to move. He told me not to tell him what to do, and that "I worked for him because he paid the taxes that paid for my job." At this point, I was beginning to get angry, and told him that he needed to pull his car over to the far lane to make room for the construction crew ahead, and that he could not cut in line. He again cut me off and said, "look low life, I need to get moving and need to bypass this blockage of traffic. I told him that I was not a low life, and that he had no right to call me that. He then said "look at you. You have on an orange T-shirt covered with tar, and stains, and a pair of jeans that are about to fall apart. I'm wearing a $3500 Armani suit and Rolex, and make more than 10 times a year more than you. Who is the low life?" I was stunned by his remarks, and at that he rolled up his window on me, and started moving forward. We had also had hit a water line which was making things move slower, but I didn't bring that up.
    He then pulled out of the lane and drove down the shoulder of the road where people were working! He continued several yards down to the far side of the lane where people were working. One of the other construction workers stopped him as I ran up to catch him, and he asked him what in the hell he was doing trying to go around all of the other cars. The gorgeous blonde executive in the Mercedes then got really PISSED at this point, and said "look you two low life road workers, I have an important meeting to get to and closing a deal that is worth more money than you will ever see in your pathetic lives. It's because of people like me that make a lot of money and pay taxes that give you shit heads a job. Now get it moving! I need you to get me around this bullshit." My buddy and I just looked at each other flabbergasted at what was going on. Who was this guy to talk to us like this? I kind of felt bad because I was sweaty and covered with some black tar on my shirt, and had dirt and tar smeared on my face. It was certainly degrading. So the insults stung. We both told him to get his car back in line, and with that he told us to "go fuck ourselves," again rolled up his window, and he pulled right around us onto the shoulder again, but nearly ran into a construction crew, and averted them by driving down a slight grass embankment toward a side road which ran parallel to the highway.
    At this point several other workers had come over to see what the commotion was and to see why this extremely expensive dark Mercedes Benz was driving down the embankment toward a side road. Hopefully a supervisor was around because we really needed to contact the police. We watched as the beautiful looking executive drove his Mercedes down to the side road, but what he didn't know is that the road had been partially washed out from the rain. It was not long until I noticed that his back tire sunk into a mud pit that had formed on the dirt road, and he was reeling the car and forcing the gas trying to get out of the sunken mud, but you could tell that it was just making the situation worse.
    At this point, I had to laugh. Who was the idiot? Here was this stunningly handsome, very arrogant, hot man in a beautiful suit, apparently very full of himself, driving an S Class Mercedes and he was stuck in the mud off of the highway road. Even a few people had gotten out of their cars to see what was going on and people were watching from the highway because the car was making quite a loud noise as it spun about trying to get free from the mud that was encasing about two thirds of the back of the Mercedes now. The mud was just two deep for the expensive sedan to maneuver and the car was not made for this type of road. It was just spinning and spitting mud into the air. Mud was flying everywhere, and soon the car was covered with mud, on the top and sides. This went on for about 5 minutes. I wanted to yell that he was making the situation worse, but he never would have listened to me. You would not believe it, but at this point he leans out his window and yells, "can one of you morons come help me with this?" Like we were going to go down the grassy hill to a muddy ravine and help push his Mercedes out! We just laughed at him which just pissed him off more. This again continued for a few minutes, and the whole thing was funny because as he stepped on the gas and turned the steering wheel back and forth, it just made the Mercedes stick more into the mud more, and dig a deeper hole.
    After a few more minutes this stopped, and he opened the car door. The back side of the car was facing us, at a slight angle toward the driver side door. The car was maybe 50 or 60 feet away, so I could see him very well. The window rolled down and you could see his blonde hair and face peer out and survey the damage and the situation. His car was sitting in about 12 inches of mud and water and drain off/sewage from the highway. Again, because of the storm, it was worse than usual, and very muddy and certainly not drivable. I wouldn't even take my truck into this mess, let alone a $150,000 car.
    At this point a shiny black wingtip shoe then emerged and all you could see was his black Armani pant leg, black nylon (very sheer) sock, and shiny wingtip shoe. He had no option at this point, but to step down into the disgusting muck. He had pulled up his pant leg, as to not get his suit dirty, and he had it pulled up almost two his knee. Along with his sheer black socks, he was wearing black garters to hold his sheer socks up. Needless to say the construction workers were making some cat calls at him like nice socks...are those pantyhose?" With one foot in the mud, he pressed on the gas with the other foot and attempted to push the car. This approach just made mud spin up in the air, some of which appeared to land on him as it hit the front of the car. Only the front tires were spinning now. Then the other leg emerged, with the pant leg pulled up, revealing sheer black socks and a garter on that leg as well. Schmuck...down into the mud. He then stood up from the car, and just stood there for a minute, holding his suit pant legs up, and for some reason buttoned his suit, not really knowing what in the hell to do. This guy could have been straight off of a GQ magazine with his expensive Armani suit, and beautiful chiseled looks and perfect body, with the exception he was standing in mud, but otherwise, he looked impeccable. He was stuck in mud that covered his shiny black, I'm sure very expensive black wingtips, and the muck went up to about his ankle. He just looked down at his suit and the mud and you could tell that he was trying to assess the situation in his mind. He tried to move one leg at that point, and could barely get it out of the mud. Yu could just hear him utter an "Uhhhhh" sound. Schmuck, he pulled the other foot out. "Schmuck" again. After about the third step, the road must have dropped off a little because he stepped down, and the mud went up to the bottom of his calf, covering his entire sheer sock. "Ahhhh, FUCK!" "GOD DAMNIT" He yelled. "Uhhhh," he whined in disgust. We all laughed our asses off.
    He continued a couple of steps to get to the back of his car, and on about the 5th step he lost his footing and fell straight down into the mud! I could not believe it and felt myself get kind of hard over the site of this gorgeous powerful executive in an ultra expensive suit lying with his hands in the mud, and his legs covered to the knee. He was on his hands and knees in the mud. I heard him say, "my suit." He was cursing wildly at this point, and he had thrown his pink silk tie over his shoulder as to not get any mud on it. He then tried to get up, but apparently got stuck, and then fell backward into a very wet mud that made a splash. We were all laughing at this point and other people had gathered around to watch this what appeared to be a powerful executive in an expensive designer suit and tie now covered in mud, lying by his Mercedes Benz. I remember his crisp white shirt and pink tie now had mud splattered all over it. He was pretty much covered, and even some flecks of mud flew into his blonde hair and bronzed beautiful face, which he attempted to wipe off, but it just smeared mud on his face.
    At this point, he just tried to crawl around to the back of his Mercedes to push it out of the mud. For about 10 minutes he just kept pushing on the back of the car, but could not get any footing, and would fall, and sort of flail about. He was just flailing in the mud, and cursing wildly. It was quite a scene. There was no way that this Mercedes was going to budge, and he was having no effect on the situation at all. He was just flopping around in the mud trying to push the large sedan. It was really stuck in the mud.
    It seemed like awhile, but someone had called the police, and then a tow truck appeared, which one of my co-workers must have called. I remember that the executive man had his cell phone in his hand at one point, but it had fallen into a puddle of mud, and I don't think that it worked any longer. The police went down the embankment and spoke to him. I could not hear the entire conversation, but the executive was even very arrogant with the police. His attitude was like "what do you have to do with this?" He was written a ticket to which the blonde executive just crinkled up and threw into the mud behind him.
    After a few minutes, the tow truck got down the embankment, and hooked itself to the Mercedes. The executive just watched in disbelief as his beautiful car, now encased with mud, was towed out of the mud, and onto the road. It was a mess, and had mud up to the bumper, and of course the tires were covered with mud as well.
    He then paid the tow truck drivers, whom you could tell were more than amused by the situation, and the tow truck left. The police stood by to make sure that he got back in line with everyone else on the highway. The once cocky, arrogant,powerful executive was covered with now drying mud, and he surveyed the damage. To my disbelief, he opened the trunk, and laid out a plastic bag. Apparently he had made the determination not to track the mud into his impeccable car. He actually began to disrobe! I have to admit that I was again growing hard at the sight of the man taking off his suit and clothes. He took off his suit jacket and threw it aside on the hood of his car. Then he took off his once pink silk tie which was almost all muddy at this point, and threw it on top of the jacket. He took off his once crisp, clean custom white shirt and tossed it on top of his other belongings. At this point, I felt myself get hard because he had the body of an Adonis. He had no body hair on either his chest or arms, had a perfect tan, sculpted, muscular body, and a sick pack abdomen. He then took off his black belt, again throwing it on the pile, and unbuttoned and unzipped his mud covered suit pants, and let them fall to the ground exposing that he was wearing black, silk bikini underwear. He also shaved his legs because he had absolutely no leg hair or body hair at all for that matter. He had a perfect round, smooth ass which the bikini briefs barely covered, but they had begun to ride up his ass crack, exposing a great deal of his butt. his body had some smears of mud on it from the muddy suit, which had now dried on parts of his body. He looked at it, and tried to wipe some off, to no avail. You could tell that he was embarrassed at the yells, and the fact that he was nearly naked, a man of once great power in an expensive suit, and he now attempted to try to cover himself with his hands, trying to hide behind parts of the car, and looked really embarrassed. There stood this hot blonde, sculpted man, with black bikini underwear (which just fueled some calls from others), mud covered sheer socks, and garters, with his wingtip muddy shoes still on. He then took off the wingtip shoes which were just 2 giant balls of mud, putting it all on the pile of clothing that had gathered, and stood there in just his black silk bikini briefs and dried mud covered sheer socks and garters. I had grown really hard at this point and really wanted to release. As he bent over to pick up his clothes, and I got a look at his perfect round, bubble butt, I blew my load in my boxers and work pants. I couldn't believe it. He decided to just toss his ruined expensive suit and shoes in his trunk, and with that slammed the door to the trunk.
    He then got back into his car, and was escorted by the police back to the highway, and placed in line with the other waiting cars. His once pristine Mercedes, covered with mud from spinning around in the mud pit. It definitely looked like he had gone mudding in his car. It left a trail of mud on the road as he drove on through traffic. Something tells me that he missed his important meeting, and certainly was no longer appropriately dressed.

  • @spin-172581 Such a hot story! I can very clearly picture this. Thanks for posting!

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