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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Stuck Chronicle (Part 4-Stealth Mission)

Stuck stories
  • Joel’s house was two houses down from Lyle’s. To get there, he had to trek through the wet front yard of the empty house between them. Lyle was eager to capture Joel’s truck on video, but didn’t wish to get caught; he crouched down behind a row of bushes that separated that house’s yard from Joel’s yard. Since the bush was just tall enough to hide his lowered body, and the truck’s headlights were off, Lyle felt he was well-hidden; he started to record Joel’s truck in action.

    Joel had been doing donuts in his yard, but since the rain from a few days ago made the ground wet and soft, he ended up getting stuck easily. He started to floor the gas pedal, but the truck only moved a short distance before the back tires began to sink into the mud. The smell of gas and burnt ground got Lyle boned up pretty good, and he started to rub his cock through his jeans with his free hand while he continued to record Joel in the darkness.

    Joel put his truck in reverse, then rammed the gas again; the tires spun for a bit, then broke free from the rut. And that point, the truck was facing in Lyle’s direction, and the engine suddenly turned off. At that point, Lyle stop recording, having thought the engine stalled, and waited for Joel to start it back up. Instead, the truck’s headlights flashed on. Lyle’s heart skipped a beat; he felt as though Joel had gotten suspicious. Despite that, he didn’t move a muscle, though his heart was beating a mile a minute

    After a few minutes of sitting there, Joel finally started his Ram back up; the headlights was still on. Then, he revved his engine—each time, a little harder than the last. Lyle was horny, but also a bit scared of what Joel would do next. Suddenly, he put the truck in reverse, backing his truck up until the spinning tires screeched on the driveway behind him. Then he made a few turns on and off the pavement, until the truck was properly parked. Joel got out, let out a loud “WHEW!”, and head into his house

    Lyle, having recovered from his fear, turned and scurried into his own house. After leaving his muddy boots at the door, he dashed to his room and played the video he recorded. Though the visual was predictably low, the sound of his engine revving and tires spinning came through perfectly. Lyle rubbed out load after load, until he was sore. Afterward, he showered and laid in bed. He felt a level of accomplishment for having gotten Joel on video...but also felt kind bad that he hid his passion from him. He was worried how Joel would take the news, since he’s had a few friends leave him when they found out. Nevertheless, Lyle thought he should tell him eventually (leaving out tonight’s recording, of course).

    Meanwhile, Joel stepped out of the shower, thoroughly satisfied with his “work” on the yard. He changed into some pajamas, threw his cum-stained boxers and jeans in the hamper, and laid onto his bed face-up. He said to himself with a smirk:

    “I’m glad I moved here! Good school, good work, I can mud without any restraint, and I’ve got a great bud by my side...”

    He stopped mid-sentence, and started to get hard

    “...and I bet he’ll love mudding by my side as well, since I’ve just confirmed he enjoys it as much as I do...maybe more so!”

    He started to rub his hard-on slowly, and staring at the ceiling he continued:

    “I’ve been waiting for a guy like him to come around. Cool, good lookin’ and he shares my passion of rubber hittin’ the mud! (He started to rub a little faster). Mmmmmm Idk why he’s (Aah!) hiding it from me though...when it’s so obvious. I’ll have to...squeeze some answers outta him soon 😏

    Joel flipped onto his side, and blew a load onto his mud-covered boots laying on the floor below.

  • Damn, dude, your story is hot! I shot in my jeans picturing the action you described! Makes me want to for a ride with these guys. Sexy as hell - great story!

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