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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

"I Didn't Mean to Get Your Truck STUCK!"

  • This is Part Two of my "First Cumshot Caused by a Real Life Stuck"...

    So... There I was. I got my hero and idol's 2wd 'town truck' hopelessly bogged in slick, wet high country MUD. I was in a big mess and had made a mess of myself jacking off and shooting a big load of CUM on the tire, in the mud grasping the tire and... Ah, Fuck! CUM on my boot and jeans, too. Luc is going to rescue me soon, I hope, and I'll have some explaining and clean-up to do! I remember it taking quite a while for Luc to come driving down the road in his 'big truck' and I was GLAD for that. It had given me time to start digging the mud away from the tires, collect rocks and brush to stick in front and back of the bogged wheels and... Make sure to get myself good and muddy to erase the traces of man juice. Oh... And... Tame down my young, HARD dick!!!

    Here He Comes. I watched Luc turn the 'big truck' off the same side of the road where I was stuck. What the HELL is He Doing??? He's gonna get STUCK!!! Nope! Luc had the truck in four wheel drive and turned the truck so it was pointed the same direction as the stuck truck to pull me out. Even with four wheel drive engaged and big, off-road tires, the big truck did some spinnin' of it's own. Oh, No!!! My cock started to get firm watching that truck slip and slide and spin the tires. Now WAS NOT the time for a BONER!!! The 'big' truck' was about 50 feet in front of the street truck and I couldn't understand why Luc had parked it so far away. The chains used to pull out other trucks were only about 15 feet long.

    Luc jumped out of the truck, lit up a cigarette and was walking my direction. "Ah, Shit! He's PISSED!", I thought. The way he was walking and him smoking a cigarette made it look like I was going to be in for a rough time. "You're STUCK, Champ!", Luc said. I replied: "Luc, I didn't mean to get your truck stuck. I slid off the road into this soft shit and I got bogged down. Please don't be mad!" I was already fighting a boner from watching the other truck slip and spin in the mud, then hearing Luc say: "You're STUCK, Champ!" made my dick get harder. He walked around the truck with me to survey the situation and told me to put a couple more rocks and sticks in a couple places in front or back of the tires. Luc gestured to the passenger side of the truck and said: "Get in. I'll see if I can get 'er outta this fuckin' mess."

    Luc got in the truck, rolled down the windows and told me to "watch and learn." He let out the clutch and the truck bucked and pitched a little but didn't move. Reverse... Same. The tires made more ZZZZZZzzzz sounds than when I was stuck and spinning. We were getting some traction from the rocks and brush. Forward... Reverse... ZZZZZzzzzzzzz ZZZZZzzzz! My cock was hard and I was glad I was still wearing my rain coat. Luc was working the truck! Revving the engine with boots working the clutch and gas pedal and shifting the gearshift. He was swearing and would rock himself forward and back in the seat like he was slow humping the truck. The truck was rocking about two or three feet front and back by now. My cock was throbbing and HARD and spitting pre cum. How much more can I take?!?! The whole scene was too much for me!!!

    Luc shut off the truck (Thank GOD!), looked over at me and told me to go to the 'big truck' and grab his smokes and the two beers in the seat. As I opened the door and saw the rear tire slid off the rocks and brush and totally BOGGED, I lost all control. I blew my load right there, in my jeans. FUCK!!! I made a mess of myself! This cumshot seemed less than the splooge I delivered an hour or so earlier, but still left a small wet spot in my jeans. Great! It was getting warm outside by now (and I was already hot and horny!) and needed rid of this damn raincoat. I made sure to find a clump of mud on the side of the 'big truck' to wipe on my jeans so Luc wouldn't notice the wet spot. I returned to the stuck truck with the beers and smokes. Luc was standing outside, leaning on the driver's side front fender. I gave him the 'goods' and he said: "I can't drink 'em both, Champ. One's yours. What I really need after this clusterfuck is a cigarette. I'll let you have one, too, if you want..." HELL, YEAH!!! I wanted to be just like my hero and do whatever he did, so... Yep! A beer and a smoke, it is!!!

    We ended up pulling the 'town truck' out of it's muddy trap with the 'big truck'. It wasn't easy! The 'big truck' couldn't get enough traction, even with the off-road tires, and the 'town truck' couldn't get any traction with those wide, street tires slicked up with greasy MUD. DAMN! My cock would still not settle down! More spinning and watching Luc hang his head out the window of the 'big truck', looking at his tires and back at me was making me FIRM again! This time it didn't feel as good because my dick was a bit sore from it's HARD workout. Both trucks made it up the small hill and to the ranch after a slippery ride. That evening I remember Luc telling me he knew the 'town truck' wouldn't make it, but thought I would get STUCK in the parking lot of the tavern. The older guys in the tavern had made bets on it, so Luc won the bet! It was one of the best summers of my life and Luc and I would end up STUCK a few times more before it was over...

  • i got a pretty damn good mess there too from this! love your story! definitely one of your best!

  • @Kevin Glad you enjoyed it! I think about that day often and it always gets me HORNED-UP!!!

  • My first cum shot from a real stuck was when I was about 15. Growing up on a farm I had always known spinning in the mud and getting stuck got me hard and even though I could drive from about six, it took a while to get up the courage to go out and spin for myself with the aim of shootin a load. My chance came when I was left alone at home overnight for the first time to look after the farm. The old man and the rest of them left early and I had a list of chores to do over the next 2 days. The day started good with a nice morning wood which only got happier as I dressed in my older brothers dirty , oil covered overalls for a day of dirty farm work. I rekoned he looked hot in his ovies and when I put them on, I reckon they did the same for me, especially when I slid into my mud caked rubber boots. My first job was to feed some hay to the cows and the old man said just back the pickup into the barn and load up about 15 bails of hay. I thought this will be fun coz the entrance to the hay barn was often a bit muddy with vehicles comin and going and cows milling around looking for hay. I got into the pick up-she was a big old Ford, only 2wd but plenty of grunt and my brother had fancied her up
    a bit with fatter tires and an extra growly exhaust system. Even turning over the engine got me boned! Being a bit old she took a bit to start on a cold morning as I was pumpin the gas and crankin her over. "Fuck , she wont start " I said as tried a few more times, "hope I don't flood her." At last she fired up and revved in to
    life. As I headed for the barn I became aware of my hard dick tenting my overalls. Man, did it ever feel good as I slowed down coming to the barn to turn and position the pickup to back into the shed. Selecting reverse, I let out the clutch and felt that feeling of the wheels start to slip. Not really spinning, just slippin a bit as the pickup found traction where she could. I lent out the window watchin where I was going but also the wheels, slippin and grippin as the truck reach the stack of hay bales. Getting out of pickup, I was real pleased with my self-not only had i eased the truck through a sticky situation but I was wearing a fuckin nice bulge in me overalls! I loaded the hay in no time and with a job to do, my cock had subsided as I revved the pick up back into action.
    Taking off out of the shed was all good as the ground inside the shed was pretty dry. But as I turn out to head to the paddock the wheels starred to spin. RrZzzzzzx. I pressed a bit harder on the gas. RRRZzzzzz-Fuck she's spinnin! Again I revved her a bit more but this time the pitch of the RRRZZZzz, was deeper, had more of a grinding, diggin sound. "Fuckin shit, she's fuckin boggin", I said. My dick was also back up to attention, again tentin out me dirty, oily overalls. I couldnt help think I was one fuckin hot farm worker dude. I reckon the only thing to do is plant the fuckin foot and see if i can get this pickup moving. As I revved her up, the wheels started to bog in deeper -my cock was rock hard as I pumped the gas. I whacked the truck into reverse -RRRZzzzz- as wheels again dug in deeper. "Fuckin hell mate" I said to myself, "Mate, your fucked, youve got the truck Bogged." And did I care? No fuckin way, I unbuttoned me overalls, released my dick and pumped my stiff dick. As I jacked, I kept spinnin, VVVRRRrr-back and forward as the truck bogged in , mudd slappin up under the wheel wells until I exploded, a hot load all over me ovvies, muddy boots and the truck. Who ever thought gettin stuck could be so much fun!

  • @Thommo sounds incredible hot bud!

  • @Thommo Damn, Man! That was HOTT! I could just see you; a young hot ranch hand; workin' that STUCK truck; workin' your young, HARD COCK! "You're not farmin' or 'wheelin' unless you're getting STUCK... And HARD!"

  • I have a huge wet spot on my jeans after reading that story, dude! Hot as hell! When you described Luc looking out and watching his tires spin, I could imagine looking down at his crotch and checking out his jeans bulge, watching his boots working the pedals, and feeling the truck vibrate as he sat there and spun his tires like the stud he is! WOOF!!!

  • Good story! I got hard reading it.

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