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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Stuck with uncle

  • So it’s my tru story, sorry for not best English but I’m not the best in writing.

    It happened ned when I was 16 (now I’m almost 18 so it wasn’t that far away ). I loved to help my uncle at his small farm. He really turned me on , watching him wearing very dirty sweatpants and muddy rubber boots was the best view for me . I often come to help him but ,,unfortunately” I almost every time forgot to take my working clothes and boots. After few times he noticed that . He told me not to bring mine stuff , he will give me his if it’s ok that they are all dirty and muddy . I love to work and wear in his muddy clothes and rubber boots . My uncle all so knew that I really loved to threw manure and getting his rubber boots covered in it, so if he knew that I’m coming he did it throw manure for a weak , so I have a lot to do . Some times it took me six , seven hour to get all manure out of cowshead.
    My uncle and I have a tradition that we very afternoon go on a walk . That they we were going for a walk (it was raining for few days ) in to some muddy fields but he thought we will take old VW Passat for a ride.
    He told me that I can drive . At first we drove around backyard I did some donuts as I am a teen boy I love to do donuts , and after that he told to drove into road to the fields. From the beginning it wasn’t that muddy but after few miles it was getting more muddy. He asked me do I want to reverse and go back to main road or to drive into mud. I told I want to get car muddy, so we drove forward. I slowly pressed gas and wheels begin to slowly spin , I add more gas and we drove into big muddy puddle. Car stoped , I pressed gas in my muddy rubber boots and wheels got spinning , mud was throwing all over the car , I started driving forward and backwards. Zzzzzzz zzzzzz the wheels got spinning more and more , they sank deeper an deeper. My uncle said ,, Fuck we are stuck , we should ask some help later ” I said ,, We should ask for helplater ? Lest have more fun ,we are stuck and I really enjoy it “ I was so scared while saying this I didn’t know what is he going to say. ,, Ok , but don’t say anyone ”. I said no problem and pressed gas very hard , wheels got spinning and throwing mud all over the car. i got out and saw how bad i got stuck . My rubber boots get all covered in sticky mud. I got I nach and started to press gas pedal , muddy boots were slinging of the pedals I was so enjoying getting stuck and spinning wheels that It took me few minutes to noticed my bulge. I prayed that my uncle didn’t see it but wearing his bigger sweatpants made my bulge really noticeable. I looked at it and that on my uncles sweatpants and saw the same situation . In his muddy sweatpants was a big hump , I was shocked . I stare at it and my uncle noticed It. He said that he’s sorry for this. I asked him what get him turned on . He said in very sad and scared voice that he loves getting stuck and watching me pedal pumping in big muddy boots and sweatpants turned him very much. I’ve had a small talk that I’m into him and all getting stuck too.

    This is part one of my story I can write the end of you want .

  • @Stuckteen please go on! Very horny here reading your story!!

  • I love it! Thanks for sharing. Please write more! @Stuckteen

  • yes stuckteen - please let us have part 2 of this story - part 1 really turns me on - I would love to be in all that mud with you

  • Pretty hot story

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