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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Stuck Chronicle (Part 33 - Detour)

Stuck stories
  • Back at the house, Lyle was up and fully dressed. He thought it weird that it was so quiet, and head outside. When he saw that Mick's jeep and both he and Joel were gone, he wondered what could’ve happened. He went back inside, and came across a note lying next to Joel’s keys.

    “Dear L, I’m gonna do some bonding with your guy for a bit. Feel free to join us!

    -your best bud, Mickey”

    Lyle sighed, then gave them a call.

    Back at the mire, Joel took Mick’s place in the driver’s seat. He tried his best to free the jeep, but Mick had it bogged so good, that it wouldn’t budge an inch.

    “Come on, dammit!” Joel growled.

    “Are you done?” Mick asked with a smirk. “I know this place inside and out—there’s no escape once you get near the middle 🤷🏽♂️”

    “Fine”, Joel said, “then you get out and push.”


    “Okay okay, I’LL push while you drive.”

    Mick shook his head while Joel continued to hammer the gas pedal. “You’re not hearing me! This clay is impassable. The only way out of here is with a tow.”

    Joel finally took his foot off the gas. “Soooo…you’re tellin’ me we’re trapped?”

    “Yeah. We’re dead in the water until Lyle gets here.”

    “What makes you think he’s gonna be able to find us?” Joel asked. Suddenly, he felt his phone vibrate. It was Lyle.

    “See?” Mick said matter of factly.

    Joel gave Mick a look, then answered. “Hey, Lyle”, he said happily. “Nice to know you’re up!”

    “Yeah”, Lyle replied. “What’s going on? I see you guys left already.”

    “Yeah”, Joel said, before giving Mick a glare, “your crazy BFF kidnapped me, and dragged us into this clay. Totally bogged the dang jeep in a frenzy!”

    "Oh, really??" Lyle said loudly.

    Mick snatched the phone from Joel. "You're SUCH a drama king!" Mick whispered harshly to Joel, before talking to Lyle. "We're in the mud pit at the far end. Can you get here in Joel's truck and pull us out?"

    "Sure", Lyle replied, "but we're having a serious chat about this later."

    "Yeah, yeah....", Mick sighed. He hung up, and handed Joel's phone back to him.

    Lyle got into Joel's truck, and turned the key. It started with a loud roar that almost startled Lyle.

    After calming himself down with a few revs, Lyle drove down the path that Mick mentioned earlier. He knew it wasn't the direct path, but being behind the wheel of such a powerful truck, he couldn't help himself.

    This path would lead Lyle to Mick and Joel, but unlike the direct path that Mick took, it involved driving through a saturated ground. Lyle avoided going through the center, and drove through the left side instead. As he drove through it, he could feel the truck's tires slowly sinking into the soil. He had to press the gas harder and harder just to keep it moving.

    Halfway through, the truck's mud-caked tires spun helplessly in the mud. Lyle gave it more gas, but the tires made a loud ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZ and began to sink slowly.

    "Come on, big guy!" Lyle shouted, as he repeated pressed the gas. As he struggled in the mud, he began to tend to his growing hardon, stroking it through his jeans as the sound of the powerful engine and helpless tires got to him...

    Back at the far end pit, Joel began to become impatient and worried. "What's taking Lyle?" he said to himself. He looked over at Mick, who'd reclined his seat and was leaning back with a grin on his face.

    "What's taking Lyle?" Joel said, this time to Mick. "It didn't take this long for YOU to get here."

    Mick chuckled. "I maaaay have had L take a detour...", he said. He opened his eyes, and Joel's glaring face was a couple inches from his.

    "Where'd you send him?" he growled.

    "Relaaaaax, big guy!" Mick said calmly. "I sent him our way. But it's the longer, muddier way."

    "And what if he gets stuck before he gets here?!" Joel asked, feeling himself getting heated.

    Mick reached over and patted Joel's shoulder. "He won't", he replied. "Lyle's a mudder just like us--he knows what to do. Just have a little faith!"

    Joel calmed down. "You're right", he said.

    Mick leaned back. "He seemed a bit heated on the phone, so I just wanted to help him...release some of that tension before he got here. That's all..."

    Joel gave him a side-eyed glance. "You really ARE a good friend", he admitted.

    "I know. But thanks anyway", Mick replied.

    Joel leaned closely to Mick. "But you're STILL a dick!" he whispered in his ear.

    Mick turned his head so that he faced Joel. He stared at him for a few seconds, then turned and faced the roof of his jeep again.

    "I took you to this secluded spot to bond, and this is the thanks I get?" Mick mumbled.

    Joel sighed. "If it's any consolation", he said, "this experience made me hate being around you a little less."

    Mick raised an eyebrow. "Really?"


    Lyle stroked his member as Joel's Ram fought against the slick mud. Just as he was about to climax, he floored it. As the tires screamed out, he blew a load so great that it bled through his jeans. Shortly after, the truck got enough traction to break free. After an uneven drive, Lyle got through the other half of the pit, and headed for Joel and Mick.

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