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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Ever had a relationship with a stuck/tire spinning dude?

  • Hey guys - just curious if anyone might have had a relationship with a dude who was into stucks or spinning his tires?

    I went out with a dude once for a short period of time. It was during several months in the winter time, and he spun his tires all the time. I wasn't forward-thinking enough at the time to pursue the interest with him, and regret not doing that, because he would have been fun as hell to play with. He had an old stick shift Ford pickup, and I remember the first time he stopped by my house. My driveway had a small incline at the road, and one night I heard someone outside spinning their tires in the snow. I looked out the window and saw it was this dude pulling into my driveway. I watched as he struggled to get up the driveway, spinning his tires in the snow. When he came in the house, I told him I liked his truck, and he said "that damn thing spins constantly." My already hard dick got even harder.

    Every time he came over, he would do the same thing. He could have easily gotten up enough speed in the road to get up into my driveway with no problem, but every time he came over, he came in slowly and spun his tires instead. One night I was with him in the truck, and we stopped by the house before going out to the bar. He pulled into the drive slowly, and then as the truck bogged down on the snowy incline, he put his work boot down on the gas and started spinning his tires. As he was sitting there spinning, he said "I finally figured out how to get up in your driveway. I just get my tires hot by spinning them, and let them melt through the snow." I should have jumped him right then and there, or at least grabbed him to see if he was hard. He held his boot on the gas and spun his tires for a good two minutes before the truck started to move up into the driveway (the patch of burnt rubber he left on the concrete was visible on my driveway for years). Then when we turned around and headed back out the driveway, he shifted through three gears before we moved even an inch; I can still see the intense look on his face while he was spinning his tires. Later, as we were leaving the bar, he spun the tires good, feathering the gas to keep them spinning from where the bar was all the way across the plaza to the road. Damn, it would be fun to reconnect with this dude. Looking back now, I'm positive that he was into it like I am. It would be a lot of fun to explore him further.

  • I have not. I didn't even know this fetish existed until I began watching videos/reading stories on it. I just know I've had it for ever since I could remember and never knew why or where it originated from. My guess is I am just attracted to the masculinity of male truck drivers/motorbikers. My current boyfriend of 4-years has no idea that I have this fetish.

  • Fellas, join the club. My spinning and getting stuck is totally solo. Wud luv to do it with another hot dude. So sexy to bog my truck with another boned up fella in boots and work gear helpin me out.

  • @spinthosetires said in Ever had a relationship with a stuck/tire spinning dude?:

    Every time he came over, he would do the same thing. He could have easily gotten up enough speed in the road to get up into my driveway with no problem, but every time he came over, he came in slowly and spun his tires instead

    heh this sounds like something i would do. and no never had a relationship of this kind either. only had some nice stuck experience with some guys in sl occasionaly

  • No. But would definatly be a dream of mine for sure. :).

  • Same for me too. Even though I love tire spinning at an early age, I got real turned on in my early teens. It really hit me in jr. high school days when I could watch the other guys with cars/ pickups smoke and spin their tires.
    Unfortunate for me, I never had a relationship with a guy like us.
    I got stuck with my younger cousin a couple of times and one of my young cousins friend got my car real stuck which was great. Boner for sure.

  • I have never had a relationship with anyone that was into stucks. I haven't been in any relationship at all with anyone but I definitely would want to. I want to be in a relationship with a guy that is into getting stuck with sneakers and socks and is also willing to smother my face with their feet.

    I have a straight best friend, though, that is willing to get my car stuck when i ask him and is very willing to smother my face with his feet. I was able to be honest with him about these things and he was perfectly fine with it.

    But yea, a relationship here where i live is very hard to come by so its quite depressing for me here.

  • Why don’t you tell him? If you’ve been going together for four years I would think he’ll understand.

  • He is fine with my fetishes and he doesn't want that kind of relationship. He is fine being my best friend and he is fine with me having these thoughts. all he says is don't come on him about it. But he is fine with getting my car stuck.

  • Not me, no joy here.

    Have you

  • @Shoesandsocks
    Has he gotten stuck with you. and neither of you had sex at all ?

    In any event you’re doing better then I am!

  • @truckstuckdave
    Its not like that. He is willing to hang out with me and stuff like best friends do. He doesn't get hard doing that stuff but he isn't against doing that stuff either. If I ask him to get my car stuck, he is willing to do it. If I ask him to put his feet in my face, he will do it. As long as it doesn't involve sexual stuff he is fine since he is against stuff like that. He is a straight guy and we tend to get into arguments about people being gay and stuff like that but regardless of our views, he has always supported my fetishes even though he isn't like that. I am just happy that I can be honest with him about this and he won't care or judge me for it.

  • @Shoesandsocks
    You are lucky to have a friend that understands even if he doesn’t take part in the sex end of things.

  • @spinthosetires
    I don’t think I could of sat in his truck with him spin’n his wheels, and not said something about him making me horny!

  • @truckstuckdave
    oh and i forgot to answer your question about him getting stuck with me.

    Yes he has gotten my car stuck with me. Its mostly during the winter where there are snow banks. Either me or him would plow the car in the snow bank and he would pump the pedals trying to get my car free while i watch the tires spinning helplessly. Whenever we do it i would record the car spinning the tires and record his feet pumping the pedals and he never cares.

  • @Shoesandsocks
    Does it make you hard and horny? It would me!

  • @truckstuckdave
    its fun thats for sure 😉

  • Smelling his feet after he had been working the pedals trying to get your car out of the snowbank must be horny as hell.

  • No but man oh man I want too

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