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(Fictional) Fantasy - The Wrong Turn

  • Before I begin, I can't seem to add the "Fictional" Tag for this. If someone could do that please I would appreciate it. I am also not very good at story telling so hopefully this turns out good.

    Fantasy - The Wrong Turn

    It was a chilly day. Fresh snow is on the ground from a recent snow storm. About 10 inches of snow had fallen just hours ago. Now, the skys are nice and clear during the day but the snow remained a fine powerdy snowfall. A great day for making snow angels, snowmen and among other things. This is where our story begins.

    The main roads for the most part are passable, some spots here and there are still snow covered but nothing too bad. A car drives past by. Nothing too fancy about the car. Just a typical FWD car (or RWD for those that like those cars, you pick). Inside the car driving by, a man had just gotten done with playing basketball with his friends. The man is a beautiful black man of average height. He was wearing a basketball t-shirt, some shorts, white socks and some Air Jordan 11 Low Barons (that look like these

    He was driving home from playing with his friends. He approaches a side street he normally takes to get home and turns on to the street. He notices something a bit unusual about this street. The street seemed abandoned for some reason. Normally at this time of day (about 1pm) the streets would be busy. He thought nothing of it. He kept driving on. The streets were a bit twisty and had some hills. Nothing unusual that he had encountered before. However as the street goes to turn right at the apex of the hill, he realizes why the streets were empty. The plow trucks had not plowed that street yet. While some of it was passable, no one had completely came to clean the street. He slams on the brakes trying to stop but was too late. He hits the snow bank and plows about 50 feet into the snow bank. The snow was light so there was no damage to his car.

    He takes a moment to collect himself. Once he finds out that he is fine, he prepares to turn around so he can find another way home. He puts the car in reverse and gives it the gas. WHHRRRRRRLLLLL. He tries to find out why he isn't moving. He puts the car in drive and gives it the gas. WHHHRRRRRLLLLLL. He puts the car in reverse again and gives it the gas. WHHHRRRRRLLLLL. He rolls down his window and peaks outside at his tires. He gives it the gas while looking. WHHHRRRLLLLLLL. The tires spinning frantically in the snow. He realizes that he is now very stuck.

    He takes out his phone and starts filming. He puts the car in drive and gives it the gas again. WHHHRRRRRLLLLL WHHHRRRRLLLLL. He puts in the reverse and the gas again. WHHHRRRRLLLLL WHHHRRRLLLLL. He begins pedal pumping in his Air Jordans. WHHHRRRLLLLL WHHHRRRRLLLL WHHHRRRRLLLLLL. He gets a strange look on his face almost like he is kind of enjoying it. He does this for about 10 minutes. Back and forth in his Air Jordans. WHHHRRRRRLLLLL WHHHRRRRLLLL WHHHRRRRLLLLLLL. He then decides to take off his Air Jordans and begins pedal pumping in his White Socks. WHHHHRRRRLLLLLL WHHHHHRRRRRLLLL WHHHHHRRRRRLLLLL. Back and Forth, Reverse and Drive. WHHHHRRRRRLLLLL WHHHHRRRRLLLLLL WHHHRRRRRRLLLLL. After about 10 more minutes, he contacts his best friend to let him know he got stuck. Until his friend comes, he has some fun spinning the wheels.

    After about 5 minutes, his friend comes by. His best friend is also a beautiful Black gentleman wearing a plain t-shirt, some shorts, white socks and some Air Jordan 11 Concord Lows (that look like these He gets in the car, also begins filming on his phone, and begins Pedal pumping the same way in his Concords. WHHHHRRRRRRLLLLL. Forward. WHHHHRRRRRLLLLLL. Reverse. WHHHRRRRLLLLL. After about 10 mins, he also takes off his shoes and pedal pumps in his White Socks. WHHHHRRRRRLLL WHHHHRRRRLLLL.

    After about 10 minutes, they do something else (this can be a separate post since this one is more sexually graphic).

    After about an hour of that, they decide that they have had enough fun and begin digging the car out. It takes about an hour to eventually clear the snow out of the car. The original man slowly lets on the gas to reverse while his best friend pushes. WHHHRRRLLLL VROOOMMM. The car eventually gets free and is back on the road. They then head home after a satisfying round of wheel spinning (which I forgot to mention they had recorded every second of it).

    The part where they do "something else" I am not sure if that can be posted here since it is a bit graphic. If I can post it, I'll add to the story.

  • Nice. You can write good stories. Thanks. We can well imagine how a man wearing t-shirt and shorts on a winter day would enjoy some close company.

  • Thanks. I am not usually good with story telling. and also there is that "something else" that is a bit sexual that I can post also if I am allowed to. Not sure if there is a limit to how graphic I can get on that.

  • @Shoesandsocks
    Just go ahead 😉
    I wouldn’t mind 😉

  • Alright. I'll post it. If there is a problem I guess it can be removed.

    For the "Something else" part:

    It turns out that they are more than just best friend but lovers. Both happen to be Gay and are Boyfriends. The friend gets in the car and begins filming their experience and while the first man begins pedal pumping, the friend begins jacking off. Both get very stiff during this. Eventually the friend starts rubbing his feet on the first man's feet while pedal pumping. WHHHRRRRLLLL. Both begin to get very stiff again. Eventually the friend takes off his Concords and starts giving the first man a foot job while he is pedal pumping, and while the first man is pedal pumping, proceeds to jerk off his friend. After a bit of time passes, the first man tilts the seat back while his best friend lays on top of him, almost in a 69 position. While the first man continues pedal pumping, they both begin to suck each other's cocks, which where harder than a pile of bricks. They continue to jack each other off until they both blow a load on each other while the car is still stuck spinning. They do this for about an hour, stroking either other's cocks with their socked feet. After an hour, they decide to go home.

  • Administrator

    @Shoesandsocks For the record as the owner of the site I wouldn't remove graphic content as long as its only verbal. no pics/photos for obv reasons but for stories you have no limits. this site is intended for mature adults if people dont want graphic details I can prob add a tag like the fictional/true to show which stories are more graphic

  • @Shoesandsocks Great story! Hope you do more!

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