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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

The first time

  • It was the first warm and sunny day after three days of rain. I was at a music festival, only wearing my boxers. But i didn't really care cause many people where running around not wearing much, neither boys nor girls cause they all ran out of clothes as well. i was on my way to my tent as i saw an old friend that i haven't seen in ages. We talked about the good old times and he also showed me his new motorbike, a KTM 125 Duke. He asked me if i want to try it out and of course i was curious about it. He reccomended to only take the paths around the campsite as the ones inside got very muddy from the rain and thousands of people walking. So i hopped on and went for the ride. It felt interesting riding this motorbike only wearing boxers. This must be freedom i thought. i made it almost half way around the campsite as i felt the ground getting very soft and the bike slowing down so i pulled the throttle a little more as i could hear the engine revving up and causing quite some vibration. As i looked back i saw the backwheel sank in a rutt not too deep so i tried again, this time more carefully releasing the clutch but again at a certain point the backwheel was just spinning helpless. beside that i suddenly noticed quite some tight feel in my underwear. i looked down and saw my own hard on poking against the boxers. It was very confusing at this moment. why is this happening? I really needed to get out there before anyone sees so i tried again, this time leaning more forward, revving higher and pushing against the bike even harder, which only made it worse as my bulge was pressed against the vibrating seat tighter in this position. I gasped out and had to stop it. i couldn't do that any longer and i had a full boner bulging out my underwear by now. "Maybe it's the best to take a break and let this thing calm down a bit....and the bike too" is what i had in mind as someone behind me said
    "ohh seems you are in some trouble there". i was too scared to turn around or to say anything. i was just hoping he won't come here but he was already on my left side now. "....well big trouble...I see " he said as he saw my stiffness. He was shirtless as well his muscular sweaty body reflecting the sunlight.
    "well let me help you, so try again! you're ready?"
    "uhhm alright let's try" was all i could say for now, still confused from this whole situation. I revved up the engine, the backwheel started spinning again while he was pushing against the handlebar as well, his strong arms flexing hard right infront of my face. But the bike still not moving. Damn....
    "Come on revv it harder! " He said. I did and this vibrations made me moan loudly and my cock throbbing. After a few seconds I had to stop it was too intense.
    "ok, now try it on second gear...and again, revv harder"
    "alright but i don't know if I can do this for long" i answered.
    "i know you can! Trust me!" with this words he got in position, i shifted up one gear and pulled the throttle harder. the backwheel started spinning instantly and the higher rotationspeed caused way stronger vibrations making me grunt.
    "Ohh Fuckkk..." my boner was throbing even harder and i noticed a small dot of precum leaking through the underwear. I was about to release the throttle as he yelled
    "Don't stop now!'re almost there" i could see he is pushing very hard and sweating even more.
    "Come on boy, you can do it! " He said but I already knew I can't....this spinning wheel behind me, the vibrating seat against my cock, the musky scent of this buff was all too much for me and I came hard in my boxers. Loads of white stuff leaked through the tip of my bulge and ran down the seat. I was breathing heavilly as he said
    "See? I knew you can do it! he winked at me with a smile and turned around to walk away. but i could swear i saw some very wet spot on his crotch as well. I still didn't know what just happened...but later in my life i would realise it was worth it.

  • Wow, well done! Great story. Looking forward to more like this!

  • @Kevin nice one mate. Got me hard and strokin my cock

  • @gabe thank you very much! i'm already thinking about a sequel of this heh

    @Thommo i'm glad you enjoyed it that much! thank you for letting me know 🙂

  • Got me all BONED-UP!!!

  • Hot story, man! Got a big hardon here right now picturing it - woof!!!

  • @spinthosetires thanks man! heh i would have let you give it a try too and see if you can get that bike out of the rut.

  • Any time, Kevin! Would be hot to get out on that bike and get it good and stuck with you. Would definitely be working HARD at it!!! 🙂

  • @spinthosetires i bet you will be working it as hard as you can and i will help you as good as possible! well at least acting like pushing really hard but secretly hoping to enjoy this situation for longer time to see how long you can do this 😏

  • @Kevin Aw HELL yeah! I'd be gunning that bike hard, spinning that tire and throwing mud all over you. I know you're not pushing hard back there (I can see it in your face, and in your bulge!) But I'll definitely play along with you for as long as you can stand it! Woof!!! 🙂

  • @spinthosetires i would get pretty curious and come to your side from time to time, seing your bulge grind the seat and growing stiff while you're working the dirtbike and having it deeply spinning in mud.

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