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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Snow Stuck in Parking Lot

  • When I was in high school, I worked at a local grocery store as a bagger and stock clerk. In the winter time, whenever I saw a hot guy in the store, I would always go out to the parking lot to round up shopping carts so that when he came out of the store, I could watch him spin his tires in the snowy lot. One day, this hot-ass dude came in wearing jeans, work boots, baseball cap, and heavy winter coat. As he came into the store, I could see how fully he filled out his jeans, and I knew I wanted to watch him drive out. So I went out into the lot and started gathering up the carts. Soon, he came out of the store and got in his car. When he backed out of the parking space, he was already spinning his tires, so I knew this was going to get good even if he didn't get stuck. But sure enough, he backed into a pile of snow left by the snowplow, and buried his back tires. He floored the gas, and you could hear the ZZZZZZZZZZ of his spinning tires all over the lot. I walked closer and watched him struggle, spinning hard forward, then in reverse, then forward again, trying to rock it out. I was instantly hard. I could tell by the look on his face that he was pissed, and he was very aggressive in trying to get his car out of the snowdrift. Eventually, he spun his way out, and as he left the lot, he still had it floored. He spun his tires all the way across the lot, then did a power slide and kept spinning up the road. It would have been incredible to be sitting in this dude's passenger seat, watching him pounding his work boots on the gas and spinning his tires in that snow. I saw lots of nice-looking guys spinning their tires during those few winters, but this was the only one I remember actually getting stuck.

  • @spinthosetires
    Nice one mate

  • Hot story. I know how you feel. Mine happened at school and like you, I wish I could have been sitting next to the guys .

  • I really like this story , I wished he would get stuck deeper and asked you to help him hehe

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