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StuckGuys is a forum for people with a stuck/spinning fetish. This involves usually guys spinning or getting their vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand or anything else. Everyone is welcome here. If your interested in stuck females check out StuckWorld

Another story from a Yahoo group site about getting stuck

Stuck stories
    Okay gang, it was awesome!
    Friday March 12 2004...a day that will live in infamy!
    Got off work at 1 pm, have 5 or 6 friends who I go wheeling with. All of us are firemen. Call at 1:30, trailer fire south of town near the Arkansas line. We head for there in our trucks, followed by the pumper truck. When we got there, we had no place to pull over, but all of us pulled into this cotton field that hadn't seen a plow. Keep in mind there's been about 4 inches of rain the past few days. So...we put out the fire, look back, all our trucks are sinking about 1/4 the height of the tires.
    We had a blast trying to get our trucks out of the mud. All of us were stuck, and spinning our tires up to 5000 rpm, and laughing like crazy. All of us were wearing Western boots too. One of the firemen, hot looking guy about 21 or so, tried to back in the pumper truck to help get us out, and he came back a little too far and, yep, you guessed it. Being young and inexperienced, and clearly never been stuck before, he rocked it back and forth his boots on the pedals, til that truck was buried. Finally we called a friend of ours with a tractor who came and pulled us out. It was roughly an hour of HOT spinning action, mud flying 30 feet in the air, with guys in their 20s and 30s. WHAT A BLAST!
    Let's get the group going again. I have some land in swampeast Missouri for a stuck meeting this year. I'm waiting on internet to come my way, which will take forever, so contact me here in the 573 area code.

  • Almost 20 years ago. Wonder if that guy is still around?

  • @sirstuck regret to say a number of years later he passed away. He'd been having health issues off and on.
    On the yahoo group pages he called himself Ram as in one post ended with " RAM IS BACK. GETTING STUCK ROCKS."

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